• David Brodosi

Visiting Cozumel Mexico

We are a family of travel enthusiasts, we are blessed with a multitude of experiences, interests and beliefs. We share the world and life with everyone. We also love our jobs - with all our passions, our challenges, our successes and our failures. We enjoy meeting new people, and sharing our experiences and passions with them. We are always in contact with new people, and that is the most special part. -David Brodosi

My family and I just returned from a cruise to Cozumel Mexico. Traveling with my wife and two teen age boys is an awesome experience. We enjoyed exploring the island, traveling to exotic places on the island and enjoying the outdoors. We took lots of photographs of our adventures and the natural beauty of Mexico. Our group went for this trip in December 2017 after one year at Disneyland California Resort and Disney World Walt Magic Kingdom Florida Park where we spent 2 days per week doing activities around Los Angeles area parks including LA- Long Beach Blvd., Sunset Strip, Burbank/ West Hollywood Mall, Culver City, Pacific Coast Highway, Southern Lagoon, Santa Monica Pier (on Thursday morning) then Orange County Museum District & Griffith Observatory Preserve before heading down to Miami.

cheer, David Brodosi

David Brodosi on the docks in Cozumel

David Brodosi and family

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